Courtney A. Walsh is introducing her new book: SQUEEZING THE STARS: Juicy Musing For the New Love Generation. The book is a three year compilation of Courtney’s original, often hilarious, and always profound DAILY STATUS UPDATES on FACEBBOOK and TWITTER. DOWNLOAD this book instantly on the JUICY MUSING OFFERINGS PAGE.

We are each born with a stem to a star; a universal umbilical cord, our own personal star, our own personal stem. Love is StarJuice. It sinks down into us and we need to squeeze it into the world regularly so we don’t get so overripe with it that we forget to spit seeds into the world to keep the StarJuice flowing and growing. We have to make sure to not let it shrivel and dry up.

Our StarGlow has a dimmer switch. When we love—it gets brighter. The LOVE DripOozes and radiates from us and is seen in the SparkleFlashes of our eyes and smile. When we fear, it gets dim and dormant. We need to squeeze the stars. To hug often our highest and best selves who are whispering in a constant stream and sometimes thunder loudly and scream when they feel unheard.
When I was very small, I knew this. I wanted the whole orange.

My mother said my first full sentence was “GIMME THE ORANGE!” This small, all powerful, all-knowing, unconditioned by politeness, BEING OF LIGHT demanded and commanded. I didn’t want love to be doled out in slices, I wanted the WHOLE thing. I wanted MY STARJUICE. And ever since…I’ve been “squeezing the stars” and showing others that they are in charge of their own dimmer switches and juicers. It’s why I came here; to get the whole orange, not just slices to be doled out. The juicy life is the only one worth living for.

This book? Is only a slice of what I have learned, but even so? It sure is JUICY. We are re-assembling the orange. We have squeezed the stars for all the LOVE and light and juice they were worth, filled with nutrients to fulfill our ancient aches and to bring us home.

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