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Time to Upgrade!

This is the deepyucky debris of a wayyyy outdated program that’s totally dying/being deleted for many of us right now: “Nobody understands me. I haven’t done anything meaningful with my life. I’m different. I’m damaged. Broken. Sick. Poor. Unlovable. I have nothing to offer. The people in my life are better off without me.” New programs currently being installed/updated: “It’s safe to love and be loved. I am stronger than I give myself credit for. I am a victim of nobody or nothing. I am somebody. I matter. I deserve love. It’s nobody’s job to love or understand me. I am a spark of light and my dreams are not fantasies, they are divine whispers from the heart of the universe. I came to this planet to live my best life, and that can start any moment I choose.” So…..NOW? Yeah. Yup. Now works. Installation…complete. Upgrade successful. Reboot, reframe, refresh and ROCK ON!~Courtney A. Walsh

Keep the Vibe Up!

Crownload: To live a life of love…Keep the vibe up. Speak only the love you want to live. Feel only the reality you are creating. Don’t get caught up in someone else’s cynical, jaded, fearful or faded version of love if it doesn’t gel with what your deepest heart knows to be true. Follow the love masters. The ones who have mastered intimacy and love do not speak of dropping attachments but of forming loving connections. They do not speak of letting go but of embracing. They do not advocate detachment but engagement. They do not use terms like codependency, fantasy or addiction. They exhibit affection, compassion and conscious communication. They are present. Alive. Sparkling. Open. They are the ones to watch closely & take good notes. Study these principles of love: That a closed heart and closed mind will never invite love to stay. To snuggle. To chat. To giggle. Only lovers do that. And to be a dedicated and devoted lover of self and others, you must first learn to trust the magic. To notice the miraculous. And to keep noticing it. So don’t repeatedly tell stories of broken, disappointed, frustrated or unfulfilled love. Tell stories of triumph. Of reunions. Of hope. Then….kiss the stars as the blessings increase. You will have to sacrifice your fears. Your dying beliefs will get louder as they take their final breaths. It will require discipline and diligence. And you know what? Totally. Worth. It.~Courtney A. Walsh

The most powerful revolutions happen within. There is an uprising of the feeling that something MUST change. The awareness that comfort can easily slip into stagnancy. That convenience can squash courage. That every day was not meant to be like the last. That structures and routines are not the same as freedom. And these revolutions cause no riots. They fire no guns. They wave no flags. They do not slam doors or yell or pump fists. They do not petition or protest or make bold starements. No…they simply, internally thunderwhisper: “ENOUGH.”~Courtney A. Walsh

Happily Ever Now

It’s easy to feel blessed or cursed by memories. To believe in the illusory taunts of fairytales, white knights shimmering sunsets to ride into.It is nothing at all to be swept into a tidal wave of emotion at the sight of a mitten in the snow, the scent of an orange, the heat of a fire in a stone grate.

I promise to remind myself to stay present; to be fully alive in the herenow to give myself the gift of each unfolding moment. The hard part of life and love is moving through, letting go, resisting being dragged along by nostalgia’s undertow. The impossible part is making peace with a future that may never be to make way for a better one.

I promise to stay open to all of the slightly ajar doors that glow with possibilities undreamed of, waiting to be explored. Liberation comes in the form of the impossible made real and the real made visceral, made now–and in its nowness rendered fleeting.I promise to love the fleeting and to let it mold me with its fast beauty; to allow it to become my key to enter the timeless, the oneness, the ISness and the space in between joys and sorrows.

In the end, true beauty is found not in rescue from pain or in its glorification. Pain’s sharp edges shadow us, honing us into glittering jewels. Love’s feathery whisper teases the imagination and burns away layers of yesterdays and invites worlds of unborn tomorrows.
I promise to feel and learn from the pain and then to get up and do the laundry, make a meal, call a friend.

And all the while, the axis of stone and sea spins evolving onward. The heartbeat of earth’s tenderest beginnings is reborn again and again erupting with joy like a hummingbird wing, fluttering in iridescent and eternal mystery.I promise to live out my part of the mystery with grace and to weave my own inner tapestry with light, peace, joy, fun, service, receivership.

I VOW to translate the sacred messages from spiral galaxies as words leak into my head through the holes in the nightsky and through my fingers onto life’s pages.

I promise to stay until the last word on the last page of MY story.

I promise to live Happily Ever Now. To dreamawaken into each unfolding moment. To love beyond my fear zone. To trust and know and unlearn and grow. To BE. To LIVE. To embrace my gracepace and sing my sweet, sweet note into the eternal onesong.

Courtney A. Walsh