Monthly Archives: June 2011

The Shifting Shuffle in Relationships

When a certain level of the spirit lessons with someone are complete, you know it. Something in your soul rises up and whispershouts: ENOUGH.

It may be that you see them/you/the dynamic/pattern for the first time clearly. Not through the eyes of fear or judgment or defense.
Through the eyes of love. The real deal love. Not the squishymushy, fakey kind.Through the Godiverse gaze that says: You be you, I’ll be me.

And if that’s not something you feel you can go along with? Then we’ll both go where we need to go next. Maybe we’ll meet up again when we can fully let go of trying to change or fix or hurt or heal each other. But when we can know each other. And ourselves. In ways that are real. Those other things are and always were inside jobs anyway.

I truly wish you well. Blessings and blissings. I wish you your highest happiness whatever that means for you. Even if it means me walking away forever. I’m willing to go. I’m willing to stay. But both parties must be willing to grow if we stay. Mutuality of respect, appreciation, devotion, communication.

This isn’t an egobased expectation or requirement. It’s not even a request. It’s a basic law. Law of Reciprocity. Willingness is the foundation of any relationship. Without that? It’s just two people squawking at each other, not feeling their true heart, not speaking their deepest truths.That never leads to anywhere good.

Yup, willingness, openness, ability to look at and own your own stuff. And to give back what isn’t yours.Living, loving, learning and laughing! I do love all of it. The tears, fears, shouts, whispers, smiles…ALL. OF. IT.~Courtney A. Walsh