Monthly Archives: July 2011

Happily Ever Now

It’s easy to feel blessed or cursed by memories. To believe in the illusory taunts of fairytales, white knights shimmering sunsets to ride into.It is nothing at all to be swept into a tidal wave of emotion at the sight of a mitten in the snow, the scent of an orange, the heat of a fire in a stone grate.

I promise to remind myself to stay present; to be fully alive in the herenow to give myself the gift of each unfolding moment. The hard part of life and love is moving through, letting go, resisting being dragged along by nostalgia’s undertow. The impossible part is making peace with a future that may never be to make way for a better one.

I promise to stay open to all of the slightly ajar doors that glow with possibilities undreamed of, waiting to be explored. Liberation comes in the form of the impossible made real and the real made visceral, made now–and in its nowness rendered fleeting.I promise to love the fleeting and to let it mold me with its fast beauty; to allow it to become my key to enter the timeless, the oneness, the ISness and the space in between joys and sorrows.

In the end, true beauty is found not in rescue from pain or in its glorification. Pain’s sharp edges shadow us, honing us into glittering jewels. Love’s feathery whisper teases the imagination and burns away layers of yesterdays and invites worlds of unborn tomorrows.
I promise to feel and learn from the pain and then to get up and do the laundry, make a meal, call a friend.

And all the while, the axis of stone and sea spins evolving onward. The heartbeat of earth’s tenderest beginnings is reborn again and again erupting with joy like a hummingbird wing, fluttering in iridescent and eternal mystery.I promise to live out my part of the mystery with grace and to weave my own inner tapestry with light, peace, joy, fun, service, receivership.

I VOW to translate the sacred messages from spiral galaxies as words leak into my head through the holes in the nightsky and through my fingers onto life’s pages.

I promise to stay until the last word on the last page of MY story.

I promise to live Happily Ever Now. To dreamawaken into each unfolding moment. To love beyond my fear zone. To trust and know and unlearn and grow. To BE. To LIVE. To embrace my gracepace and sing my sweet, sweet note into the eternal onesong.

Courtney A. Walsh

Stop Watering the Cancer

Radical idea for a lasting cancer cure: If you really want to fight for, support or assist those with cancer, stop putting all your energy into cancer. Stop watering cancer. Cancer gets enough energy. No more ribbons, walks, petitions or research donations. Put your energy/time/vibe instead into emotional and physical FREEDOM. For everyone. Grow that. Start supporting that. An emotionally free person invites vibrant health into their body. An emotionally stifled one manifests old, stagnant, multigenerational patterns of illness. Give your time, energy, money and love to healing, feeling and loving. Stop trying to fight anything you perceive as ‘bad’. Whether it’s cancer or chemtrails or your neighbor or yourself. Don’t battle anything. That only fuels it. Less rage against, more passion FOR. Become a passionate advocate for wellbeing on all levels.~Courtney A. Walsh

True Awakening

It’s only the most disheartened, disillusioned, disappointed sleepwalker that goes around proclaiming: “I’m awake!” Or yells at others to “Wake up!”. Hidden or overt psychic violence can often do tremendous harm. And it is the worst kind of soul sleep there is. True awakening is only between you and you and you and the light.~Courtney A. Walsh

Dream, Do, Be…

If you want to perish: stagnate. If you want to flourish: create. If you want make true a wish: innovate. If you want to be happy: jubilate & celebrate, don’t nitpick or denigrate. If you want to be great: don’t deliberate or contemplate fate: LIVE, LOVE, DREAM, DO, BE.~Courtney A. Walsh