Stop Watering the Cancer

Radical idea for a lasting cancer cure: If you really want to fight for, support or assist those with cancer, stop putting all your energy into cancer. Stop watering cancer. Cancer gets enough energy. No more ribbons, walks, petitions or research donations. Put your energy/time/vibe instead into emotional and physical FREEDOM. For everyone. Grow that. Start supporting that. An emotionally free person invites vibrant health into their body. An emotionally stifled one manifests old, stagnant, multigenerational patterns of illness. Give your time, energy, money and love to healing, feeling and loving. Stop trying to fight anything you perceive as ‘bad’. Whether it’s cancer or chemtrails or your neighbor or yourself. Don’t battle anything. That only fuels it. Less rage against, more passion FOR. Become a passionate advocate for wellbeing on all levels.~Courtney A. Walsh

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