Time to Upgrade!

This is the deepyucky debris of a wayyyy outdated program that’s totally dying/being deleted for many of us right now: “Nobody understands me. I haven’t done anything meaningful with my life. I’m different. I’m damaged. Broken. Sick. Poor. Unlovable. I have nothing to offer. The people in my life are better off without me.” New programs currently being installed/updated: “It’s safe to love and be loved. I am stronger than I give myself credit for. I am a victim of nobody or nothing. I am somebody. I matter. I deserve love. It’s nobody’s job to love or understand me. I am a spark of light and my dreams are not fantasies, they are divine whispers from the heart of the universe. I came to this planet to live my best life, and that can start any moment I choose.” So…..NOW? Yeah. Yup. Now works. Installation…complete. Upgrade successful. Reboot, reframe, refresh and ROCK ON!~Courtney A. Walsh

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