Courtney A. Walsh (aka CAW) is a Mental Wellness Author and Speaker and is also available for private consulting, for social media, for Lightworkers and small business owners. She shows you how to get a plan, how to get out there by going within so you can venture forth with conviction. Live the dream. Courtney self-published her memoir, “Lipstick and Thongs in the Loony Bin” and has been on a fantastic loony journey ever since. She has a growing international social media network, LoonyBus, of about 5,000+ like minded Loonies who follow her inspirational, motivational and informational posts regularly. Her motto is: All Aboard the LoonyBus—You don’t have to be crazy—but it helps!

As a professional speaker, author, social media consultant, blogger and mental wellness advocate, Courtney is available to speak to your organization, school, corporation or treatment program. Please contact her at:

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