LoonyBus Enterprises™ was formed to raise compassionate awareness and decrease fear-based stigma around mental wellness issues for teens and adults. LoonyBus Enterprises™ is currently expanding and evolving both nationally and internationally to bring a tri-fold message of hope, healing and humor to high schools, colleges, corporations, non-profit organizations and treatment centers about how to go from Rock Bottom to Rock ON!

Courtney founded LoonyBus Enterprises’™, whose main goal is to help everyone achieve mental wellness; to take the shame and blame out of suicidal thoughts by helping them to understand themselves at a core level in order to defuse their distorted thoughts; to increase reasons (for those suffering from depression) to get healthy; by introducing natural mood management techniques. Guided visualization/meditation, deep breathing and kinesthetic exercises (muscle testing) are taught to demonstrate how thoughts affect your reality. Yoga, EFT, Reiki, Cognitive Behavioral techniques, Dialectical Behavioral and other cutting edge techniques are used rather than the reliance on prescription medication.

Help to shine the stars on this subject that continues to remain in the dark.

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